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Vancouver, British Columbia - Conformation Judge: Grace Kosub
Sweepstakes Judge: Judy Decker

Best in Specialty

Ch. Barkley's Lonely Chaplin  (Collie Rough)

Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Specialty: Can Am Ch. Rainforest Bravo Silver Lace  (Collie Rough)

Best Puppy in Specialty: Bravo's Fontaine TNT Mandy (Collie Smooth)

Puppy Sweepstakes - Total entry: 22

Best In Sweepstakes

Bravo's Fontaine TNT Mandy Collie (Smooth) - Junior Puppy Female Class
Breeder: L. Bokovoy/P. Gordon
by Am Ch Timeless Bravo Conquest x Fontaine Gentry's Memories
Owners: Michelle & Lafe Altier/ Tony Williams

Best Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes

Marko's Air Jordan Collie (Rough) - Twelve to Eighteen Month Male Class
Breeder: M. Markovich
by Ch. Marko's Direct M Pact x Ch Marko's The Vivacious Diamond
Owner: Carol Nelson/Marie Markovich

Veterans sweepstakes - Total entry: 4

Best in Veterans Sweepstakes

Can. Am. Ch. Norelwyn's Spice of Rainforest Collie (Rough) - 7 - 10 Year old Female
Breeder: R & B. Mauthe
by Am Ch Fury's The Spirit of Legends x Norelwyn's Simply Sweet
Owner: J. & S. Bertrand/ Barb Mauthe

Best Opposite Sex to Best in Veterans Sweepstakes

Splendor's Blue Skye CD Collie (Rough) - 10 years & Over Male
Breeder: G. Wilson by Splendor's Black Rambo x Splendor's Sittin on Cloudnine
Owner: Louise Watson

Regular Classes Rough - Total entry: 66

Best of Breed

Ch. Barkley's Lonely Chaplin (male)
Breeder: M. Takenoshita
by JCC GR Ch Barkley's Top Gun X JCC GR Ch. Barkely's Princess Royal
Owner: R. Oishi/ N. Takenoshita/ S. Bertrand

Best of Opposite Sex

Can Am. Ch. Rainforest Bravo Silver Lace (female)
Breeder: J. & S. Bertrand/ A. Altier
by Ch. Rainforest's Ziggy Stardust x Ch. Bravo's Estrella II
Owner: J. & S. Bertrand/ A. Altier/ T. Williams/ T. Harrell

Best of Winners

Fantasy Bravo Dream Weaver (male)
Breeder: D. Holland
by Am. Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman x Am. Ch. Fantasy's Centrefold
Owner: Alicia & Lafe Altier

Best Puppy in Breed

Koallies Aria Dunsmuir (female)
Breeder: J. Papic/ C. Pierce/ B. Papic
by Ch. Koallies California Dreamer x Ch. Koallies Mariah Dundee
Owner: J. Papic

Award of Merit

Ch. Cassori A Minute Past Midnight (male)
Breeder: C. Gordon-Stroshein/ B. Morris/ A. Adragna
by Can Am Ch Vennessee's Midnight Express x Am. Ch. Bethany Blessed Assured
Owner: J. David Clarke/ B. Miller/ C. Gordon-Stroshein

Award of Merit

Am. Ch. Shalimar's Double'l Mystic (female)
Breeder: P. Wentworth
by Ch. Tartanside Cinnamon Elijah x Ch. Shalimar's Premier Mystique
Owner: P. D. Wentworth/ L. Latimer

Winners Male

Fantasy Bravo Dream Weaver

Reserve Winners Male

Am. Ch. Gentry's Mind Games
Breeder: P. Gordon/ D. & C. Elliott
by Vennessee's Gentry Simon Says x Voyaguer's Tri My Patience
Owner: C. Hunter/ P. Gordon

Best Veteran Dog

Ch. Tricounty's Dreamland Express
Owner: Susan Richardson

Winners Female

Am. Ch. Shalimar's Double'l Mystic

ReserveWinners Female

Bravo's TNT Marbella
Breeder: Owners
by Bravo's Debonair x Bravo's El Matador Maja
Owner: A. Altier/ A. Williams/ T. Harrell


Regular Classes Smooth - Total entry: 16

Best of Breed

Can Am Ch. Ciel X-Rated (female)
Breeder: Owner
by Am Ch. Lisara's Kodachrome x Can Am Ch. Lisara Ciel's Demonidaine CD
Owner: Carol Zielke

Best of Opposite Sex

Elsinore's Hot Pants (male)
Breeder: B. Stout
by Vannessee's Midnight Edition x Elsinore's Sunamor Sorita
Owner: Eliza Dunkle/ Judith Dunkle

Best of Winners

Bravo's Fontaine TNT Mandy (female)
Breeder: L. Bokovoy/ Pl Gordon
by Am Ch. Timeless Bravo Conquest x Fontaine Gentry's Memories
Owner: Michelle & Lafe Altier/Tony Williams

Best Puppy in Breed

Bravo's Fontaine TNT Mandy (female)

Winners Male

Elsinore's Hot Pants

Reserve Winners Male

Cassori's Hallelujah Morning
Breeder: C. Gordon-Stroshein/B. Morris/ A. Adgragna
by Can Am Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Express x Am Ch. Bethany's Blessed Assured
Owner: Carol Gordon-Stroshein

Winners Female

Bravo's Fontaine TNT Mandy Reserve

Winners Female

Ciel's Feminine Wiles
Breeder: Owner
by Am Ch. Ciel's Private Parts x Am Ch. Ciel En Deshabillee
Owner: Carol Zielke

Unofficial Classes Rough

Altered Dog Classes

Winners Male - Altered & Best of Breed Altered

McKara's The Color of Winter
Breeder: C. Smyth
by Ch. BenEcho's Cherfire Silverado x Cravens Midnight Mist
Owner: Megan Loe/Shirley Ibara

Sire & Get

Best Sire and Get

Ch. Koallies California Dreamer (Collie Rough)