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CHPSChampion Producers

This list shows Champion Producers (Sires) by ChP # and their Ch offspring.

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ChP # Dog's Name Year achieved Variety Color # Chs Sire Dam Owner Breeder
M-001 Am/Can Ch Pebblebrooks Star At Tricounty, ROMX, ChP 1989 R S&W 52 Am/Can Ch Twin Creeks Damn Yankee, ROMX, ChP Ch Pebblebrook Supersweet, ChP Brian & Hazel Hampson Dieter & Marion Liebsch
M-002 Ch Sandpiper's Superwave, ChP pre-1982 R S&W 49 Am Ch Two Jay's Hanover Enterprise, Am ROM Parader's Golden Surprise Lorne & Elizabeth Cook Lorne & Elizabeth Cook
M-003 Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Masterpiece, ChP 1993 R S&W 42 Ch Alfenloch Master Of The Game Alfenloch Touched By Buster Diane Fitzpatrick Diane & Brian Fitzpatrick
M-004 Am/Can Ch Twin Creeks Damn Yankee, ROMX, ChP 1984 R S&W 31 Am/Can Ch Carnwath's Evergreen Am Ch Twin Creeks Main Event Dieter & Marion Liebsch Ben & Joyce Houser
M-005 Am/Can Ch Kendale The Touchstone, ChP 1990 R Bm 29 Am/Can Ch Mountainblue's Silver Magician, ChP Am/Can Ch Bertnel's The Kendale Sizzle Diane Biggar Diane Biggar
M-006 Ch Nationview Night Watchman, ChP 1989 R Tri 28 Am/Can Ch Mountainblue's Silver Magician, ChP Nationview Razz M'Tazz Wendy & Wally Ace Wendy & Wally Ace
M-007 Am/Can Ch Tartanside Heir Apparent, Am ROM, ChP 1983 R S&W 27 Am Ch Tartanside The Gladiator, Am ROM Ravette's Tar 'N Feathers John Buddy & C. Hickey John Buddy
M-008 Am/Can Ch Mountainblue's Silver Magician, ChP 1987 R Bm 27 Ch Nationview's Jewell's Pirate Ch Mountainblue's Touch Of Magic Wendy & Wally Ace W. Crawford
M-009 Ch Nationview New Wave, ROMX, ChP 1996 R S&W 24 Am Ch Tartanside Candid Classic Ch Davalair Nationview Sorority Wally Ace Wendy & Wally Ace
M-010 Ch BenEcho's Copper Drum, ROMX, ChP 1991 R S&W 23 Ch. Lorelei's Moon Shadow Ch Finrod's Echo In Ebony Lace Virginia MacDonald Virginia MacDonald
M-011 Am/Can Ch Cherfire's Sneak Preview, CD, CGC, HIC, AWCA-BPD, AWCA-VCX, ROMX, ChP 2008 R S&W 20 Tartanside Preview, Am ROM, Am ROM-P Ch Cherfire Singular Sensation, CGC, ST, AWCA-VC Cheryl Ellis Cheryl Ellis
M-012 Am/Can Ch Overland's Southern Comfort, ROMX, ChP 2010 R S&W 27 Am Ch Southland's Bowen Island, Am ROM Am Ch Overland Natural Blonde  Shirley & Len Perry and Marja Higginson Marcy & Mike Fine