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CHPDChampion Producers

This list shows Champion Producers (Dams) by ChP # and their Ch offspring.

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ChP # Dog's Name Year achieved ChP status Variety Colour # Ch Sire Dam Owner Breeder
F-001 Ch Tamaron's State of Mind, ChP 2000 R Sm&W 13 Ch Tallywood's Head Of State Ch Tamaron's Poetry In Motion Trudy Taphorn Trudy Taphorn
F-002 Ch Pebblebrook Dream At Tricounty, ROMX, ChP 1990 R S&W 14 Am/Can Ch Twin Creeks Damn Yankee, ROMX, ChP Ch Twin Creeks Elusive Dream Brian & Hazel Hampson Dieter & Marion Liebsch
F-003 Ch Benecho's Desert Skye, ChP 1988 R S&W 12 Ch Glencoe Ben of Tartanside Glencoe's Desert Breeze Virginia MacDonald Virginia MacDonald
F-004 Ch Prairiepine's Color Of Love, ChP 2004 R   13 Am/Can Ch Gambit's A Hurricane Brew'n Prairiepine Afterhours Tryst Susan Minard Susan Minard
F-005 Ch Twin Creek's Dark Tempest, ChP pre-1980 R Tri 11 Am Ch Two Jay's Hanover Enterprise, Am ROM Am/Can Ch Twin Creek's Razzmatazz, Am CD Elizabeth & Lorne Cook Ben & Joyce Houser
F-006 Bojan's Pretty Pamela, ChP 1980's R   10 Am Ch  Parader's Reflection Parader's Queens Mark J. MacRobbie J. MacRobbie
F-007 Bojan's Ruby Red, ChP 1984 R S&W 9 Am Ch Hanover's Follow The Sun Bojan's Sun Lady J. MacRobbie J. MacRobbie
F-008 Braemar's Windyflats True Blue, ROMX, ChP 1992 S Bm 9 Am/Can Ch Braemar's Blazing Saddle Am/Can Ch Braemar's Get Down And Boogie Claire & James Picken Maureen Burrell
F-009 Ch Cherfire What Price Glory, CD, TT, ROMX, ChP 1996 R Tri 9 Chumani's Midnight Traveller, ROMX Ch Benecho's Fire Star, CD Cheryl Ellis Cheryl Ellis
F-010 Ch Pebblebrook Supersweet, ChP 1988 R S&W 9 Am Ch Hanover's Flaming Legend, Am ROM Ch Pebblebrook's Treasure Dieter & Marion Liebsch Dieter & Marion Liebsch
F-011 Am/Can Ch Sandpiper's Solitaire, ChP 1991 R S&W 9 Am Ch Twin Creeks Post Script, Am ROM Ch Sandpiper's Satin Slippers Shirley & Len Perry Elizabeth & Lorne Cook
F-012 Am/Can Ch Tallywood Rainforest Radiant, ROMX, ChP 2003 R Tri 9 Am/Can Ch Gambit's A Hurricane Brew'n Am/Can Ch Tallywood Crossheart Windswept Susan & Jim Bertrand Nancy Anstruther & Ramana Boulter
F-013 Ch Token Northuist Step Aside, CGC, TT, ROMX, ChP 2000 R Tri 9 Am/Can Ch Carnwath’s Beat It Ch Token' Secret Rendezvous Elizabeth James & Flora MacDonald Janice MacDonald
F-014 Ch Tricounty's Centerfold, ROM, ChP 1993 R S&W 9 Am Ch Westwend's Hogan's Hero, ROMX Ch Pebblebrook Dream At Tricounty, ROMX, ChP Brian & Hazel Hampson Brian & Hazel Hampson & Marion Liebsch
F-015 Alfenloch Too Good To Be True, ChP 1980's R S&W 8 Am Ch Briarhill Warlord Of Wintara Ch Alfenloch A Dream Come True Diane & B. Fitzpatrick Diane & B. Fitzpatrick
F-016 Ashland's Miss Yankee, ChP 1988 R S&W 8 Am/Can Ch Twin Creeks Damn Yankee, ROMX, ChP Ch Highbank The Little Minch K & L Barber K & L Barber
F-017 Am/Can Ch Braemar Blackpearl O'Bontein, Am ROM, ChP 1982 S Tri 9 Am Ch Dorelaine Smooth Damon Ch Bontein Daughter of Darkness Maureen Burrell S. Brown
F-018 Ch Dierenvriend's Hi Time Dream, CD, ChP 1991 R S&W 8 Ch Bojan's Hi Time Man Rampat Fort's Duchess    
F-019 Ch Koallies Loch Morag, ChP 1996 R Tri 8 Ch Koallies Hadrian Strathtoash, ROMX Ch Pineriver Koallie Ashestiel, ChP Betty Papic Betty Papic
F-020 Ch Nationview Interface, ChP 1996 R Tri 8 Ch Nationview New Wave, ChP, ROMX Ch Buckhaven Nationview Mona Lisa Wally Ace & R. Straby Wally Ace & R. Straby
F-021 Ch Nationview Tantalizin', ChP 1995 R   8 Ch Nationview Night Watchman, ChP Ch Levallon Nationview's Dazzlin' W. Ace Wally & Wendy Ace
F-022 Ch Pineriver Koallie Ashestiel, ChP 1992 R Bm 8 Am Ch Shadaglen's Indigo Blue Pineriver's Ebony And Lace Betty Papic  
F-023 Ch Cherfire's Steel Magnolia, HIC, AWCA-VC, ROMX, ChP 2004 R Bm 9 Ch BenEcho's Cherfire Dreamscape, CD, TT, CGC, CC,AWCA-VC Ch Cherfire's Rave Reviews, Am CD Cheryl Ellis Cheryl Ellis
Ch Nationview Gemstone's Face Facts, ChP 2001 F   8 Am/Can Ch Gemstone's Wild Like The Wind Ch Nationview Interface, ChP    
Ch Buckhaven's Island Breeze, ChP 2005 R S&W 8 Ch Buckhaven Too Hot To Handle Jenny 2nd Denis & Helen Hupé Denise Leblanc 
Am/Can Ch Cherfire's Claim To Fame, Am PT, CD, RA, Am RN, CGC, AWCA-BPD, AWCA-VCX, ROMX, ChP 2007 R Bm 13 Am/Can Ch Cherfire's Sneak Preview, HIC, CGC, AWCA-BPD, CD, AWCA-VCX, ChP, ROMX Ch Cherfire's Steel Magnolia, HIC, AWCA-VC, ROMX, ChP Cheryl Ellis Cheryl Ellis & Marilyn Kaczmarski
Ch Omega Someone Special, ChP 2009 R   14 Am Ch Fantasy's Bronze Talisman, Am ROM Ch Omega In Style Shirley & Len Perry Shirley & Len Perry